Welcome to Combovaria Audiomanufaktur.
Musicproduction and sounddesign for visual media.


Combovaria was founded in 2010 by Christos Zarampoukas to create sound and music for projects and works of visual motiondesigners and filmmakers. He provides expertise by studying techniques in sounddesign, editing, synthesizerprogramming, audiobranding, songwriting and theory of harmonics. He also offers the combination of art-direction and sounddesign. Aim is the enrichment of quality multimedia – both visually and auditory.


Clients working and worked for: Telekom / Payback / Volkswagen / DDB Tribal / Gamesload / FWB Brökelmann / Congstar / Mehrdad Zaeri / Rocket & Wink / Cloud 9 / Segeberger Totentanz / ARTE / Project Filmbox / Mutant Labs / Der sechste Lachs / RocknRoll Advertising / Art Castel / Zorro5 / Lime3 and more

In the following you can see some projects combovaria produced the music for. Have fun and click.

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