Sounddesign and musicproduction for creatives and those who need quality audio.

Musik bewegt

Here we are again. I have been asked to produce some sound and music for a great platform: Musik bewegt. People and artists like Thomas D, Grönemeyer, Clueso and many more are showing their donations they support. Donations to projects like Viva con aqua, childparenting and more is a very good start, to make a better life for all. Grönemeyer heard my music and said to me, he like it a lot and i have a good feeling for sound. Couldn`t get better than that. Well, Herbert: Thank you! Please visit the site to get a feel for the good moves.

Rocket vs. Wink

If someone´s in design, he surely heard about Whatever Design Magazin (by Rocket & Wink). Responsible for Artworks from SEEED, Beatsteaks and Reeperbahnfestival. These two guys will be fighting each other in Rocket vs Wink. We did the sound and i am curious, what results will be shown after the challenge..

Mehrdad Zaeri Documentary

Mehrdad Zaeri, coming from iran, now based in Mannheim is an Illustrator. His fine drawing lines are shown in book, theaters, magazines, calenders and more. His ideas and pictures are going deep, filled with ornaments, engaging characters and shortstories. I composed the music with original instruments and used the far east tone scale to emphasize his art. Movie by Tom Roeler

congstar Brandmusic

We composed the whole brandmusic for the congstar-spots. It has to be fresh and unique. So we made the decision to compose a melody like a “dialing-7-numbers-move” on a phone. It became really famous and the brand with the music were recognizing by customers as an union. Here is an example. If you want, check the other Advertisings with our brandmusic from congstar here. Animation did by Parasol Island.

Oakley_Styleframe_01_760 Oakley_Footage_Transition-Test-

Sounddesign and Musicproduction for an Oakley Brand Video shown at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.
Studio: http://www.rnra.de/

VW GTI 35 Years

Here is my sounddesign and music for the webspecial of the Volkswagen Golf GTI 35 Year Edition.

Project Filmbox

Project Filmbox sent several GoPro Hero HD 2 cameras on a journey through each continent of the planet, giving everyone with good ideas on this subject the opportunity to contribute by filming their short film. We made the tune!

ARTE Black and White

Here is my sounddesign and music for the short animation created (almost entirely) in several sketchbooks. Simple and spontaneous drawings in motion, illustrating thoughts, memories or just random ideas. Client ARTE / Julius Dettmer

Cloud 9 Imageteaser

Here we made a teaser for cloud 9 which is a slightly ironic one and a touch of humor. The story tells the balance and effects of a natural behaviour of human and consumption.

Room two

Here are some 3d animations with sounddesign. Different styles of objects to fill with soundeffects. All visuals and sounds are made by combovaria.com

Room one

Here are some 3d animations with sounddesign. Different styles of objects to fill with soundeffects. All visuals and sounds are made by combovaria.com

We love sound.

A small self-promo-clip.

VW R-Models

Horses on steroids! The r-models from Volkswagen are pure insanity. There is a lot of sportknowledge in producing these cars. Modern and innovative technique in a costume of the loved models from volkswagen. Ready to hit the gas, but be careful. The horses are strong. And so is the tune we made.

Klangwelt 1

Klangwelten will be a assorted container for animated motiongraphics and shorts in relation with audio reaction and graphic behaviour. Different frequencies are doing special animation. Also different styles of ambient, sounddesign and music. The first is Klangwelt1 with a trippy universe flying animation. Enjoy and share if you like.

Soundmanipulation Live

With one shotgun mic, aligned onto the streets you can get amazing results. The goal is to achieve sounds for electronic music production or still some pads or tons of sounds, never heard before. The result is a highly unique soundaesthetic and being a part of a moment, conserved in a musical idea!

Segeberger Totentanz

The Segeberger Totentanz is an artproject by Christopher Coltzau, began in Winter 2011. Rainer Deutschmann documented the whole journey of his process with the camera with close shots and build a very intimate portrait. I had the honor to be part of the project with my musical direction and compositions.


Here is a new incredible colaboration-work together with Roeler, Emjane and us. Tom Roeler is an Photographer, designer and filmmaker, based in Hamburg, Germany. He did a few great photos in that project which would be great to see in big. Emjane (Monika Jane Spindler) is an creative art director, also based in Hamburg and did amongst other things an incredible Motionpart on that movie. We made our sounddesign and music for this movie with a lot of passion, though sometimes hard to keep the red line and to jump between different styles and tempos, we finally build a really nice lovefilled artmovie about san franciso, art, people, photos, music, breaking, style and more. Please take a look on RUN SFC. Peace.

(Update / also mentioned on The today experience. Thanks!)